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Updated: Feb 6

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The following liturgies are being broadcast from St. John Cantius Church in Chicago. All times are CST (Central Standard Time).

*NOTE:In this time of social distancing, all priests and servers in the broadcast are members of a religious community that live together as a family. Any other musicians singing for the liturgies are doing so in a separate location. The music offered differs from our usual scheduled music program.


7:30 am—Low Mass (ExtraordinaryForm)

9:00 am—English High Mass (Ordinary Form)

11:00 am—Latin High Mass (Ordinary Form)

12:30 am—Latin High Mass (Extraordinary Form)

2:00 pm—Rosary and Solemn Vespers

5:45 pm—Compline

Week Day Schedule

7:00 am—English Mass (Ordinary Form)

8:00 am—Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

4:30 pm—Rosary and Vespers


7:00 am—English Mass (Ordinary Form)

4:30 pm—Rosary and Vespers

7:30 pm—Wednesday Evening Mass (Extraordinary Form) followed by Compline


8:30 am—Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form)

4:00 pm—Rosary and Vespers

First Friday

7:00 am—English Mass (Ordinary Form)

4:30 pm—Rosary and Vespers

7:30 pm—Latin Mass and Devotions (Extraordinary Form) followed by Compline

First Saturday

8:30 am—Latin Mass and Devotions (Extraordinary Form)

4:00 pm—Rosary and Vespers

Stay Connected

During this time, if you have any needs or prayer requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at312-243-7373.

If there is a sacramental emergency for the sick or the dying, please call 312-243-7373 and wait for the special emergency number in the recording.


As we strive to meet the needs of our Parish and community in these uncertain times, your continued financial support is greatly appreciated.

You can give online at Give Central.

You may also make your Sunday contribution by texting from your mobile device:

Sundayamount (eg 100)to312-500-8293

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