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Introducing the Latin Mass Companion

“May our efforts in producing this new missal assist the laity in active participation in the greatest treasure this side of Heaven, the Holy Sacrifice of Our Divine Savior at Calvary.”  

- Superior General Very Rev. Joshua S. Caswell, SJC 

The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius are pleased to introduce a new booklet missal for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass available exclusively from Biretta Books.

In a world ever changing, “Restoration of the Sacred” now includes the many faithful who are first discovering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass through livestreams. The Canons Regular of St John Cantius offer this new missal to guide the faithful into fuller engagement and understanding of the beauty and richness of the Holy Mass be they in the pew, or online.

This beautifully illustrated missal for the laity features all new drawings of the Priests' and server's postures at the altar from the perspective of the pew. Additionally, the Propers for Sundays and Holy Days throughout the year are provided in the 152 pages.

A focus on clarity of images and texts and inclusion of the Propers of Sundays and Holy Days make this an ideal missal for those who are new to the Extraordinary Form and learning from the pew, or on livestream. Affordable for families and home use, discounts are available on larger orders for parish or evangelization organizations.

Visit BirettaBooks for more details and images of the new Latin Mass Companion.

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