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Back to School for Seminarians

Like students across the country, our seminarians unexpectedly left their campus to their community to complete the spring 2020 semester via distance learning. This fall they are back to school at the University of St. Mary of the Lake for a new semester with some new regulations.

Deacon Nathan Ford, SJC reports on the experience in this new seminary experience:

“Life at the seminary is quite different this year: face masks, social distancing, and meals in your room. We still find time for community life, Br. Joseph and I pray together every evening, eat meals together often, and enjoy cups of coffee each morning.
"We still find ways to cause mischief and have fun. You have to keep your sense of humor throughout all of this.
“It's been a unique experience. There's a lot that's out of our control, so we just try to focus on the basics: reading, studying, and praying together. Despite all of the challenges that we face, we are finding ways to build community, delve into our studies, and serve the people of God.
"The men studying at Mundelein Seminary see this time under the Covid Pandemic as an opportunity for them to step up and lead. This is why we are striving for ordination; that we can serve the people of God in any situation.”

Please keep the Seminarians of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, and all the men studying at Mundelein Seminary in your prayers as they work and study, preparing to serve the Church.

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