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A New Pastor for St. John Cantius Church

We joyfully announce a significant change that reflects God’s continued blessings on our community of Canons Regular, and our parish of St. John Cantius!

The Community of Canons Regular have unanimously agreed that because of the growing demands of the community, the position of Superior General of the community can no longer be combined with the responsibilities of pastor of St. John Cantius Parish. Therefore, the Superior General and his Council have recommended to the Cardinal that a full-time pastor be appointed to St. John Cantius Parish.

The Superior General and his council nominated Fr. David Yallaly, SJC to be the next pastor of St. John Cantius Parish to Cardinal Cupich. Therefore, it is with great joy to announce that His Eminence has graciously confirmed the appointment of Fr. David as the new pastor!

The installation of Fr. David Yallaly, SJC by His Excellency Bishop Robert Lombardo, CFR took place on Sunday, December 31st during the 9am Mass.

The Canons Regular have almost 30 members in three houses that serve in the Archdiocese of Chicago and in the Diocese of Springfield. The Superior General is responsible for overseeing the entire community and its growth. This is an enormous responsibility for a priest who also has the additional responsibility of shepherding one of the largest parishes in the Archdiocese. The Cardinal, aware of the unique needs of our community and parish, was kind enough to agree to this change.

It is a sign of favor and trust that Cardinal Cupich has confirmed the recommendation of the Superior General and his council. Please pray for our new pastor, Fr. David Yallaly, SJC as he assumes his new responsibilities and please continue your prayers for the Very Reverend Joshua Caswell, SJC as Superior General and the growing community of Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.

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