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“Oh, God, to know you is life.

To serve You is freedom.

To praise You is the soul’s

joy and delight.”

–St. Augustine


Are you called to a vocation with
the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius?

   Some questions for Reflection:

 Do you desire to grow in holiness?

 Are you attracted to a life of prayer?

 Do you wish to live for the common good over your own interests?

 Do you feel ready to lay aside your life to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ?

Guidance from Scripture*

Old Testament

 Gen 12:1-4

 Ex3:10-12, 4:1, 10-12

 1 Sam 3:1-10

 Am 7:14-15

 Is 6:8

 Jer 1:4-8

 Ez 3:1-4

 1 King 10


New Testament

 Lk 6:12-15

 Lk 4:1-13

 Mk 3:13-15

 Lk 10:38-42

 Lk 18:15-30

 Lk 12:22-31

 Lk 9:57-62

 Phil 1:9-10

 Mt 16:25-28

 Rom 8:26-31

 Mt 22:1-14

Suggested Reading

 Vita Consecrata, Pope John Paul II

 The Meaning of Vocation, Pope John Paul II

 Come & See by Fr. John Hardon

 The Catechism of the Catholic Church

*Original list of scriptures and readings from

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