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“Because the common life of the Canons Regular is “a prophetic sign of the life that will unite us all together in heaven,” it too, is an essential element of the spirituality of Canons Regular.”

Acts of the First General Chapter
of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius

Community Life

Just as the Holy Trinity is mirrored in the human family, our community is a reflection of the Communion of Saints, imperfectly expressed here on earth.

Living in a community is much like living in a family. The Canons Regular give each other support and brotherhood as we work, play, eat, and pray together.

As brothers we work together towards our common goal to restore the Sacred, focused on growth and holiness with harmony, love, and respect. Sharing strengths and vulnerabilities and finding balance — becoming greater than the sum of our parts.

Through our community, we share important moments that seem mundane, like washing dishes, laughing over a shared meal, or playing a game of pick-up basketball. We are also together in profoundly extraordinary moments as we experience the Sacraments, pray the Mass together, and live the liturgy.

It is through living our everyday lives together that we grow closer to one another and to God.


“Let all of you then live together in oneness of mind and heart, mutually honoring in yourselves the God whose temples you have become.”

Rule of St. Augustine

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