Canons Regular of St. John Cantius


Br. Nathan Ford

Br. Nathan grew up in Southern Michigan with his parents, Kelly and Jodi, and his younger siblings: Aaron, Sarah, and Allison. Through the positive influence of Fr. Stanley his family’s parish priest, Br. Nathan has felt called to the priesthood since he was 10 years old. He says, “It was just something consistent and natural.”

It wasn’t until two years ago that Br. Nathan heard about the Canons when he met them at their retreat property in Lawton, Michigan. Afterwards, he kept running into them, and after some research and discernment, decided this was the religious community for him. “Similar to how my vocation developed for the priesthood; things fell into place for me in a call to religious life with the Canons Regular. God showed me where He wanted me to be.” Describing his first visit he said “I knew this was home from the first day I arrived. The sense of beauty, reverence, and joy I found in the priests, brothers, and parishioners is what attracted me. I was looking for an order with a love of the sacred liturgy and music, and a focus on living out a holy, Christ-centered life with a strong Catholic Identity. And here at St. John’s I found that and so much more.

Br. Alaric Bose

Br. Alaric Bose was born near Cedar Falls, IA to Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bose, Jr. In 2005, his family moved to Columbus, NE where he attended Scotus Central Catholic Jr. High/Sr. High until his graduation in May of 2011.

From a young age Br. Alaric had always viewed the priesthood as something admirable and inspiring. During his sophomore year of high school he attended the Archdiocesan (Omaha) pilgrimage to the March For Life where he found further inspiration from the joyful and enthusiastic priests and religious in attendance. One day while watching EWTN Live, he saw an episode featuring the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. On the show, the Canons mentioned the name of a Fr. Burns Seeley (his aunt’s father-in-law and a convert to the faith). The familiar name sparked his attention and he decided to do some research into the community. During his senior year of high school, Br. Alaric started spiritual direction and under his director’s guidance he contacted the Canons Regular and made a vocational visit during Holy Week through Easter. Throughout his visit he was inspired by the reverence and devotion of the Canons and he decided to apply.