Canons Regular of St. John Cantius


Pope Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy
Budapest, Hungary
August 21-24, 2008

Rev. Dennis Kolinski, SJC will represent the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius at the 2008 conference on Pope Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy hosted in Budapest, Hungary by The St Augustine Liturgical Atelier.

Professor László Dobszay, the organizer of the event, reports:

Pope Benedict XVI, as the Successor of St Peter, considers one of his most important duties to promote the holy and worthy celebration of the liturgy and, if necessary, even to act in its defense. This attention of the Pontiff, as is well known, is manifested not only in fostering the liturgy introduced after the Second Vatican Council and in condemning its abuses and distortions, but is also related to the restoration of the legitimate use of the traditional Roman liturgy celebrated throughout the centuries to the spiritual benefit of great many souls.

This solicitude of the Holy Father urged many people to improve their liturgical practice as well as to make efforts to recognise the true values of the liturgy and to be immersed in its internal and external treasures. As a consequence, thinking about and caring for the holy liturgy has been awakened everywhere in the Church, including Hungary, and has lead both to the re-examination of our present attitudes and to the searching for future perspectives. At the same time, one cannot deny that in some particular churches the efforts of the Vicar of Christ are being met with negligence or even with opposition. In many places there is an unfolding passive resistance against the revival of Catholic traditions and against the new legislation which supports it: the Pope’s words of warning finds deaf ears, the rules of canon law are being concealed or even violated. We think that the churches of Central Europe are also obliged to examine their conscience, to try to immerse in the liturgical spirituality proposed by the Holy Father and to ensure that bishops, priests and the faithful become more aware of the tasks they are facing.

A good means to increase such attentiveness are the scholarly gatherings held all over the world, always accompanied by the celebration of the holy liturgy in the worthiest way under the given conditions. Considering all this, the St Augustine Liturgical Atelier of Hungary turns with love in Christ to all Catholic priests and lay people in Hungary, Central Europe or anywhere in the world who are deeply concerned about the liturgy and the aspirations of the Holy Father, asking them to convene to a meeting which gives occasion to learn these efforts more thoroughly, to confirm mutual intellectual and spiritual contact and to pray together for the noble task of instaurare omnia in Christo.

In this sense we ask you to read carefully the following programme, to support the gathering with your presence and to do everything, beyond your own application, to make it known in your local church environment. In order to achieve this, we beg you to make use of the channels of personal private interaction as well as the available tools of social communication, especially written and electronic media, meetings of the ecclesial communities, spiritual exercises or similar events.

Other participants include:

Rev. Robert A. Skeris, Thomas M. Kocik, Rev. R. Michael Schmitz ICRSS, Zoltán Rihmer, Lauren Pristas, Laurence P. Hemming, Miklós István Földváry, Rev. Sven Conrad FSSP, Rev. Mr. Alcuin Reid, Helmut Hoping, László Dobszay, Mindaugas Kubilius, Rev. Guillaume de Tanoüarn IBP, Rev. Péter Ágoston Ullmann OPraem

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